Faiz Ahmed Faiz: Unraveling Genius

Nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature (1963) Faiz is one of the most influential poets of the past century. I recently came across a 1974 Radio Pakistan interview–scatted over YouTube so here it is in list form. I have also added a link to Faiz’s  Library of Congress recordings from 1977–they are a treasurer. The interview is more like an interrogation and is 2 hours and 25mins!

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Interview Radio Pakistan 1974:

Part2 (12:55)

Unfortunately (or fortunately) both recordings are in Urdu. The best English translation of Faiz’s work is The Rebel’s Silhouette  by Agha Shahid Ali. If I have time I might translate and transcribe this interview. Stay tuned.

Library of Congress Recordings:
Faiz Ahmed Faiz: 1977 Library of Congress Recordings

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